Model Call

Lezara Laser & Vein Care is an award-winning, physician-directed skincare clinic in Downtown Squamish utilizing some of the most world-renowned technology and dermatologist-recommended products to help our clients achieve great results. We’ve been voted Squamish’s Best Skincare Clinic for the past two years running (2020 + 2021). Our primary goal at Lezara Laser is to understand and get to the root cause of our client’s skin concerns because we know that the way our skin looks and feels has a direct connection to confidence and self-worth.

We are currently looking for individuals who are willing to invest both their time and a discounted monetary investment in medical-grade skincare with the Lezara Laser team. Why? We’re looking to provide discounted services for specific skin concerns in exchange for our marketing team to document your Lezara Laser Skin Journey. If you’re interested, please continue reading and complete the remainder of this form.

    Skin Concerns (Please Select All That Apply)

    *Please note: not everyone who applies will be contacted. We will reach out to specific cases that we see fit for various programs during certain seasons.