Tracey Webster

Client Care Coordinator

About Tracey Webster

Tracey’s perfect fit with the Lezara Laser team stems from her unwavering passion for skincare and her firm belief that looking and feeling one’s best enhances performance in all aspects of life. With a remarkable background in customer service spanning over three decades and covering various locations such as Whistler, Vancouver, Squamish, England, and Japan, Tracey possesses a wealth of experience in making clients feel comfortable and at ease right from the moment they arrive.

Beyond her professional expertise, Tracey is a devoted Squamish Mom, raising three boys with pride and joy. In her leisure hours, you can often find her engaged in captivating home renovation projects, immersing herself in outdoor adventures with her boys, or indulging in her passion for discovering new wines from different regions.

Tracey’s well-rounded qualities, coupled with her dedication to the art of skincare and customer satisfaction, make her an invaluable asset to the Lezara Laser team.

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