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Morpheus8 Body

Are you noticing increasingly more cellulite, uneven skin texture, or loose, sagging skin as you age? If so, we’ve got a non-surgical, proven solution for you!

Morpheus8 Body is a remarkable treatment proven to deliver outstanding results when addressing cellulite, skin laxity, loose skin, and more. Yes, this is the treatment the Kardashians talk about for skin tightening and toning.

Our Morpheus8 Body treatment targets deep tissue, remodelling and rejuvenating the skin to leave you a smoother, tighter and firmer appearance.

About the Treatment


This treatment is excellent for those looking to:
– tighten the skin and reduce fat in specific areas
– minimize cellulite
– minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars

Areas Morpheus8 Body effectively treats;
– abdomen (a popular treatment to address mommy tummies and minimizing stretch marks)
– bra roll
– upper arms
– thighs
– the area above the knees
– the flanks
– buttocks

Most clients require three treatments to see optimal results and for this reason we have the Morpheus8 Body treatments available in 3-Packs based on Large Area, Medium-Sized Area and Small Areas.

*Morpheus8 is also an excellent treatment for skin tightening and overall rejuvenation of the face and neck. See Morpheus8 on our Treatment Menu for more information regarding our Morpheus8 Face and Neck Treatment.

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