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What is a Vasectomy

*Please Note: This treatment requires a Family General Physician or Virtual/Web General Physician Referral*

After abstinence, vasectomies are considered the most effective form of birth control due to the long term success rate of over 99%. The testicles produce sperm that travel through a tube called the vas deferens. The vas deferens or “vas” continues to travel through the prostate before joining with the vas on the other side to become the urethra, which exits through the penis. The goal in a vasectomy is to block both vas, therefore allowing you to ejaculate semen with no sperm. With no sperm, you cannot make your partner pregnant.

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How It Works

Dr. Malherbe begins every vasectomy with an exam to ensure there are no abnormalities, and locates the vas deferens under the skin. Through a tiny opening the tubes are isolated, lifted out and blocked using heat cauterization. A 12 hour freezing agent is applied to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure, as well as the recovery. Patients are able to reach Dr. Malherbe at any time via his personal cell phone number in case of any complications or pain post procedure. Each sample is sent for analysis, and a follow up semen sample is completed by the patient 3 months after the procedure to ensure efficacy.

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